Cartoons Maps USA

From 2012 through 2014, I illustrated eight cartoon maps as part of Ogden News Inc.’s Cartoon Maps USA project. Local newspapers sold space on a large poster to businesses in their community. Then, working with the Ad Directors at each newspaper, I created a layout designed to resemble a map and drew custom illustrations of each business and any extra elements they wanted to have included with their building, as well as local landmarks and other points of interest. These took a lot of planning and work, but they turned out to be great fun to make.

Tiffin, Ohio Cartoon Map
Blue Earth, Minnesota Cartoon Map
Marshall, Minnesota Cartoon Map
Findlay, Ohio Cartoon Map
Plattsburgh, New York Cartoon Map
Winnebago, Minnesota Cartoon Map
Columbiana County, Ohio Cartoon Map
Wyandot County, Ohio Cartoon Map

Student Work

Several examples of projects created for college classes.

Solar System Poster
24″x36″ Solar System Poster: This poster was designed to have a retro, bowling alley inspired appearance, but contain current information about the Solar System.
Greek God Logo: This project involved creating a logo for a greek god as if it was a company, using symbols and icons associated with the god in the logo.
Personal Emblem: The goal of this project was to create a personal graduation emblem that reflected the major and personality of the person creating it. Since I was known for colorful and cartoony design work, I drew influence from sources like Looney Tunes and The Muppet Show for my emblem, which features my signature character, Toodles the Horse.
Novel Cover Wrap: This project involved redesigning the dust jacket for an existing book. I choose to rework the cover for the book “Before You Leap” which was about to have a second edition released at the time, which used standard stock art of Kermit for the cover. Since the book is written from a “Frog’s-Eye” view, I decided the cover should emphasize Kermit’s distinctive eyes.
Typographic Poster: This small poster was part of a project that required creating a poster primarily made with type. I chose a favorite quote by Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, and tried to design the poster to reflect Vischer’s inflection.
Senior Studio Project: For my final project, I created a theoretical branding package for my church, consisting of new logos for the church’s school and ministries, wayfinding signs, bulletins and other print materials, and mock-up images of how the logos would appear on existing church signage.